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Hi everyone! I hope you all are having such a great day!

Before you start using my patterns, i would like that you take 5 minutes of your time to read the following rules, because in them i tell you what you CAN and what you CAN NOT do.

For some of my projects i get my inspiration from my friend's blogs, random pictures that i found on the internet and many others come out from my imagination, but every single one of them without exception, are projects that i start from the beginning, which means that it can take me days (even weeks) to finish one single pattern. This is why i would be really grateful if you respect them.

As always, if you have any doubt please dont hesitate in contact me.


1.- Sell the knitted products that came out of my patterns. Under the following rules:
  • It has to be 100% handmade
  • You have to take your own pictures to advertise your product, you can not use the photos that are in the blog.
  • Optionally: Clarify that the product is a result of a Patrones Valhalla pattern. And i would be really grateful  if you add the blog's page too (
2.- Make personal copies of the Patterns.
  • If you like the pattern a lot and wanna show it to your friends or family, please give them the link of the entry so they can take their own copies. Doing this you help me a lot, because i can see what type of patterns are the most popular and i can keep doing more with the same style.
3.- Translate the pattern to other languages
  • If you have a blog or a web in other language and wanna show the patterns of this blog, please ask for PERMISSION first.
4.- And the most important ... HAVE A LOT OF FUN! =)

1.- Sell the pattern. 
  • If you wanna share a pattern, you can put a link to Patrones Valhalla in your blog or web, but you can not claim the pattern as yours and get money for it. However, if you wanna sell the knitted products remember that you can do it.
2.- Reproduce the pattern and the pictures in magazines, books or any other place without authorization.

All the stitches that you can find in this blog, are here because of the amazing people (and wonderful blogs too) that have had enough patience to teach me.

Most of them are the "basic stitches" that you will learn when you start crocheting, and it is not my intention to claim any of those stitches as mine.

If you wanna share the diagrams or the written instructions, you can do it, but the only thing that i want from you is that you don't forget to give me the credits for them, because all of those entries took me several hours and a lot of dedication.

Thank you! =)

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With the time, new rules can be added and some of them can be changed, this is why i invite you to visit this entry once in a while.

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